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When you purchase from Waxxxpress you’re guaranteed to get the best possible price as you’re dealing directly with one of the largest Wax Manufacturers in the world!

Caronlab Australia has been manufacturing waxes for Professional Beauty Therapists for nearly 40 years, and are the company who delivers Waxxxpress to an international marketplace. We purchase in large quantities, and therefore are able to give you the best quality waxes, at the best possible price!

Waxxxpress waxing products are made to meet the highest quality specifications and stored in Sussex to make sure that we can get your purchases to you FAST!

If you can find a similar quality wax for a cheaper price, we will beat that price GUARANTEED!

What brand of wax do you currently use?
What is the name of the product?
Which variety is this wax? Eg. strip wax/hard wax/film wax, etc.
What size is this product? Eg. 400ml/1L/500g
How many waxes do you buy per week/month?
Where do you buy these waxes from?
What is the freight free threshold?
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We guarantee to get you a better wax at a cheaper price!

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