The Waxxxpress Training Academy has landed to provide all waxing pros with practical tips and tricks to ensure a smooth wax ride every time!

Waxxxpress Training Workshops are ideal for qualified Beauty Therapists/Estheticians wanting to improve on or learn Intimate Waxxxing Techniques. Lilliane’s famous and unique waxing techniques including ‘The Butterfly’ and ‘The Secret Garden’ give Beauty Therapists/Estheticians the confidence and ability to perform truly professional waxing treatments.

professional waxing courses

One-on-one workshops, group sessions, demonstrations and in-school workshops are available for both male and female intimate waxing training. Waxxxpress is taking expressions of interest in order to tailor courses to your specific needs.

If you are interested in Training with Waxxxpress, please email [email protected] with your name, contact details & a bit about what you are looking to learn. Our first-class Waxxx Trainers are always available to teach you & we can tailor a training course to suit your needs.


The workshop includes an introduction to the Waxxxpress range focusing on the different waxes and products available in the market. We also cover everyday waxing tips and money saving techniques!


This 3hr workshop is designed to suit anyone new to waxxxing. No previous experience is necessary. You will explore the client consultation process and how to plan the most effective treatment for your customer. This class will equip you with the knowledge and skills to confidently waxxx the following areas; Half leg, Bikini, Arms, Underarms, Upper Lip and Basic eyebrow tidy.


This 6.5hr workshop is designed for therapists who would like to update their skills to become more passionate and confidently in the art of body waxxxing. You will learn Lilliane Caron‘s world renowned waxxxing technique and movements. The class will equip you with the knowledge to confidently waxxx the following areas; Full leg, Bikini, Arms, Underarms, Upper Lip and Basic eyebrow tidy.


This 3hr workshop is designed to suit people who want to focus on facial waxxxing. This workshop will equip you with knowledge and skills to provide a waxxx treatment in the following areas; Basic eyebrow tidy, upper lip, sides of the face and chin wax.


This 3hr demonstration is designed for waxxxing enthusiasts who would like to observe the world renowned Lilliane Caron method of Brazilian XXX Waxxxing. You will be able to observe the movements of Lilliane Caron’s method including ‘The Butterfly’ and ‘The Secret Garden’. You can observe a male XXX if requested prior to the demonstration. This demonstration will expose you to new techniques and ideas about Brazilian XXX waxxxing and will result in improving your confidence. Perfect for beginners or Beauty Therapists/Estheticians who may be nervous or lack confidence in this delicate kind of waxxxing service.


This 3hr Master class is for advanced Beauty Therapists/Estheticians who wish to take their Brazilian XXX Waxxxing skills to another level. You will learn how to master the renowned Lilliane Caron method of waxxxing. You will be trained in Lilliane’s key movements, ‘The Butterfly’ and ‘The Secret Garden.’


This full day workshop is designed for attendees who excel in the XXX Master Class. This workshop recognises the outstanding attendees that have completed both the XXX Demo and XXX Master Class. Innovative methods for advanced waxxxers will be shown in profound detail including:

  • How to work with a diverse range of client body shapes.
  • The best waxxxes to use for difference hair and skin types.
  • Tips and tricks on how to deal with difficult situations.
  • Alternative positioning and removal of techniques for advanced waxxxers.

Endorsed Trainer: Berenice Pellicano

Phone: 07762707929

Email: [email protected]