Waxxxpress Online Course

Ever since Waxxxpress was founded over 40 years ago, improving the quality of education in the beauty industry has been an incredibly important goal.

We want to play a role in training the next generation of beauty therapists in the waxing techniques and products that we have spent decades crafting. In this online training, we give you the ultimate show & tell of these unique techniques.

The Lilliane Caron Waxing Technique is taught globally and is world renowned for giving beauticians everywhere the confidence they need to perform a truly professional treatment. When done correctly, there is no bleeding, skin lifting, bruising or any other trauma to the client. The client doesn’t need to assist with the treatment, trim their hair down or move into any uncomfortable positions. You as the therapist do all the work. With this technique you use fewer products, you reduce your cleaning time and your back is protected at all times.

We want your client to feel the difference and keep coming back to you. That way the industry can continue to grow and thrive.

Why enrol?

  • Learn world-renowned Lilliane Caron Waxing Techniques
  • 2 hours of course material
  • Official Waxxxpress Training Certificate
  • Comes with in-depth training manual to refer back to