Wax Wholesale


Save your salon money by ordering beauty products wholesale at Waxxxpress! We know that it’s expensive to run a salon and instead of worrying about the bottom line, we would rather have you focus on getting clients through the door and giving them the best possible ‘waxxxperience’.

Waxing is a salons ‘bread and butter’ service, one that your business can rely on to keep your salon profitable, especially when times are tough. By ordering your waxes and beauty products wholesale, you can increase the profit on your waxing services. Waxxxpress waxes are delivered to you direct from the manufacturer, this means there is no beauty wholesaler to add a margin to our products and you get the best quality wax for a fraction of the price. You can trust the quality of Waxxxpress waxes as they are made by Australia’s leading wax manufacturer, Caronlab Australia.

From as little as £6.50, you can buy a Waxxxpress wax in a 400g microwaveable jar, which approximately equals the following number of treatments per jar*.

Hot Wax

  • Upper Lip = 400 treatments
  • Eyebrow = 200 treatments
  • Brazilian (using only Hot Wax) = 10 treatments
  • Underarm = 20 treatments

Strip Wax

  • Full Leg = 6 treatments
  • ½ Leg = 13 treatments
  • Full Arm = 15 treatments
  • Upper ½ Back = 6 treatments
  • Chest = 6 treatments
  • Bikini Line = 25 treatments

If you charge £40 for a Brazilian wax treatment and do 10 treatments from one jar of Goldigger Hot Wax, that’s £400 you can potentially make from one £6.50 jar of wax! The benefits of buying beauty products wholesale are endless, so stock up on Waxxxpress waxes to make your salon money.

*Please note that these are only estimates and depend on the size of the client, degree of coarse or fine hair, sparse or dense hair and the proficiency of the therapist/esthetician.