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Ingrown Hair Treatment

The Bump eRaiser ingrown hair treatment range has been designed to help prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs, redness and bumps for smooth and healthy looking skin following hair removal.

Each scientifically formulated product contains an advanced combination of ingredients for a complete, effective solution. Thanks to Bump eRaiser, there is no need to suffer any longer.

Be free of ingrown hairs and other problems associated with hair removal forever!

Before & After Using Bump eRaiser:

Before: Trapped, ingrown hairs cause inflammation which results in the formation of an irritation papule.

After: Following the application of Bump eRaiser, hair is released and skin is free from bumps.

What are ingrowns & Why do they occur?

Irritating and unsightly ingrown hairs can occur on any part of the body following hair removal. They begin when dead skin cells accumulate where hair removal has occurred and form a papule while the skin heals.

Hair growing in the area then gets trapped under the papule and is prevented from exiting the skin properly creating an ingrown hair. If left untreated, ingrown hairs can result in pain, itching, tenderness and in some cases, infection and permanent scarring.

Combat ingrown hairs with Bump eRaiser’s award-winning range.

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