The Perfect Trolley Set Up!

waxing trolley set up

We’ve been around for long enough to know what makes a good waxxxing trolley/cart set up.

Ensuring it is laid out logically with everything you need during a treatment will make your life so much easier!

It will:

  • Save you time
  • Make your treatment more efficient
  • Look professional and tidy
  • Be more ergonomic, and you won’t have to reach over products.

*Hot Tip: Wheels on your trolley make it nice and easy to move along the length of your bed.

Your ideal waxxxing trolley set up should look like this:

waxing trolley set up

Waxxx Heater

Don’t pay £150 for a double heater!
Waxxx Heater

  • If one thermostat goes the WHOLE heater is ruined.
  • Get your Big or Mini Dipper from just £46.00. These take up less space on your trolley and have the added benefit of
  • Separate skirts for hard and strip wax set ups.
  • A Cartridge Heater could be a handy addition if you do a lot of strip waxing or speed waxing.
  • Ensure every station is set up with a timer, so your heaters are on and ready to go when you are.

*Hot Tip: Place heaters to the front of your trolley so if you spill any waxxx,
there’s less things to clean.

Strip & Hard Waxxx

Don’t box yourself into using one waxxx only.
Strip & Hard Waxxx

    • Both hard and strip waxxxes are absolutely necessary!
    • Microwaveable waxxxes and Hard Wax Melts make topping up your pot between clients easy as pie!

*Hot Tip: If you’re not doing a lot of waxxxing (or are a mobile therapist), you might be able to get away with just one heater. Simply microwave the wax and swap the hard and strip waxxx jars over.

Pre & Post Products

Never underestimate the power of a good trigger!
Pre & Post Waxxxing

      • Handy triggers can hang on the side of your trolley to save room and keep your trolley looking neat.
      • Save on cleaning time (because you won’t drip waxxx on them!).
      • Safety lock means there’s no leaks! Simply twist and lift.

*Hot Tip: Our triggers disperse the product evenly and help you to use less product.

Strips, Spatulas & Disposables

All your essentials
Strips, Spatulas & Disposables

      • Ensure your disposables are easily accessible, a drawer keeps them nice and tidy.
      • Hygienic and convenient for every treatment.
      • Save money with NEW! Second Skin Nitrile Gloves as they don’t rip or tear!

*Hot Tip: The back of a used waxxx strip can serve as a cloth to clean waxxx residue before being thrown in the trash.


A quality pair of tweezers are a must for every waxing trolley!

      • GRIP® Tweezers are crafted from the highest quality Surgical
      • Stainless Steel.
      • Durable, hygienic and comfortable to hold.
      • Guaranteed not to rust!

*Hot Tip: Stainless Steel GRIP® Tweezers ONLY suitable for autoclaves.

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